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Kids Birthday Party Games

You’re throwing a birthday party for your child and all of the sudden it’s upon you, and you still have no idea what games you’re going to have the kids play! Not to worry…we got you covered. Below are some great game ideas you can use for your kids birthday party.

Kids Birthday Party Games

Kids Birthday Party GamesThere’s of course the usual games which spark a lot of energy from kids, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Pinata, Musical Chairs… No matter what games you play at a birthday party, the kids will love them. They just want to play. :)

Below are some “not so usual” game ideas you could have them do.

Simon Says – Remember playing this game growing up? It’s far more than just a traditional kids game, it’s a memory we all have of our childhood. If you happened to have lived under a rock when you were a child and you don’t know how to play, the rules are simple. You can read the exact rules and get fun ideas on how to change it up a bit here : How to Play Simon Says Birthday Party Game

Balloon Ping Pong¬†– This is such a fun game to play at birthday parties, and it’s a great craft idea too! Have the kids make their own paddles by gluing paper plates onto large craft sticks (the ones that resemble a tongue compressor). Have the kids decorate their plates first to get them really excited about the game (plus, it’ll kill some time!) You can read other ideas on how to play balloon ping pong here : The Balloon Ping Pong Game

Obstacle Course -This one requires a little bit more time and planning on your part, but it can really be a great addition to the festivities. If the weather is nice outside, set up a quick and easy obstacle course for the kids to participate in. You don’t need to buy anything special for it, just use items you already have around the house…hoolah hoops, kitchen chairs…get crafty with it! You can read more ideas about how to create an obstacle course here : Great Obstacle Course Ideas For Kids

Charades – Fantastic fun with charades. The best part is you don’t need to buy anything for it, nor do you have to set anything up. A couple pens and some pieces of paper and you’re good to go! This is a family favorite – I play this with my own kids for no special occasion, and they LOVE it. Split the kids into 2 groups and explain the rules – no talking! If you’re not sure exactly how to play charades, you can read the rules and instructions here : How to Play Charades for Kids

Bingo – There is not a kid alive (and possible even person) who doesn’t like playing Bingo. It’s just one of those staples in life. Use candy pieces like M&M’s or skittles to cover up the bingo cards. Of course the kids can eat some too! You can find instructions and printable bingo cards here : Free Printable Bingo Cards for Kids – and Instructions

Hopefully these games will provide your children with entertainment, and you with peace of mind (in knowing it all be over soon!)

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Happy Birthday Partying!