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How to Play Simon Says – And Fun Ways to Change it up for a Birthday Party!

A great game to play at a child’s birthday party is Simon Says. No matter how old the children are, it’s one of the most beloved games that every child enjoys, and it just never How to Play Simon Saysseems to get old. Remember how much you loved it as a kid? Below are the instructions on how to play Simon Says…and then even further below that, you’ll find some great ideas on how to spruce up the traditional game for even more fun!

How to Play Simon Says – The Traditional Way

  • One person is “Simon” and the rest of the kids stand in a group spread out so they have enough room to move.
  • “Simon” then tells the kids to do something, such as touch their elbow or touch their nose, by either saying “Simon says” or just “touch your elbow”.
  • If “Simon” says Simon says, then the kids are supposed to follow the instruction.
  • If he doesn’t say Simon says, all the kids who do it are out and must move away from the group.
  • Continue on until there is only one person left standing. That person is the winner, and gets to be “Simon” next.

Simon Says is the “basic of the basics” type of game, but as stated above, for whatever reason the kids love it (believe me I know…I have 4 children and each and every one of them absolutely adores this game.)

Try these different and fun spins on the traditional game:

  • Give “Simon” a costume to wear. Even just a silly hat can get the kids more excited to be Simon.
  • Give “Simon” a can of silly string. You can buy this from a dollar store. When someone gets called out, Simon gets to spray them with the silly string to make it official. (Silly string cleans up really easily and nicely, in case you’re worried about the mess.)
  • Divide the kids into 2 teams. Have a “Simon Says” battle off. The winning group can get a prize, or the losing group may have to do something for the winners…or how about give the winning group each a can of silly spray and let the festivities begin!
  • Let the kids make up rules for the game. Obviously, the first rule is this has to be done before the game starts. Give the kids an idea of a rule, and then let their imaginations do the rest. An example of a “rule” is you must hop on one foot before doing what Simon says.

So there you have it! Some quick ways to spruce up the ol’ fashioned game of Simon Says.

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Happy Birthday Party planning!

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