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Birthday Celebration Ideas for the 11 Year Old Girl

My little girl is turning 11 on Thursday, and that is what prompted this post. I have four children total, and every time a birthday rolls around for each one of them, I get all emotional and start reflecting on just how quickly it’s going – or maybe I’m  just realizing my own mortality and the quick rate of aging I am unable to stop.  The reality is – it will never stop. Our children will continue to grow at an alarmingly fast rate, and we are left in their dust only to look back and think “wow, where did it all go?”

Celebrating birthdays has always been a big part of my family’s life. Somewhere along the line it became an unspoken rule that a birthday – not a birthday party, just a birthday – meant cake and ice cream. Yep, the kids think that just because the cat turns one, there will be cake.  Not really sure how that happened…

Turning 11 is a big deal to a little girl. Of course, every age is a big deal, but turning 11 has it’s thing. I was told “it’s the first double digit age”, as she held up both of her index fingers to make an 11. You know, zero doesn’t count as a real digit, so a one and one together is the first double digit age. Courtesy of my beautiful and creative almost double digit daughter.

If you have a daughter or a special little girl in your life that is about to turn 11, maybe the ideas below will give you something to think about when it comes to celebrating.

Ideas for Celebrating the Girl Turning Double Digits

If you are lucky, she’s not yet at that point where she’s too cool for you. I’m lucky. She still wants to be around me and be seen with me, and it makes her whole day if I show her special attention, no matter where we’re at. We could be in the front of her school where the kids line up to go inside and she will kiss me goodbye.

  • Pick her up from school at her lunch time and take her on a special lunch date. Even McDonald’s will be special. Keep it a surprise though! The look on her face will be priceless when she finds out that you are at her school to pick her up for a while. Also, remember those days, when you wished and prayed that the intercom from the office was to call you to the office?
  • Decorate the house with streamers and balloons while she’s at school (if school is not in, then try to get her out of the  house so that it will be a surprise for her when she returns). Use two different colors, and make sure they are her favorites! 11 year old girls may try to pretend that stuff doesn’t interest them, but I guarantee you she will love it. You can get streamers and balloons at a dollar store.
  • Take her out to a movie that she has wanted to see, but hasn’t been able to because the rest of her siblings are either too young or too old. She will feel like the bees knees for getting to pick the movie, and it will be even more special if she’s the only one who gets to go.
  • When it comes to presents, it has been my experience that girls this age are in an “in between” phase.  They may feel like they are too old to still play with toys, even though they still love toys, but they may also feel like they are still too young for all the “tween girl” stuff. You know, make-up, new clothes, shoes. It’s tough to shop for a girl this age. The best advice I can give is to try to balance it by including both. Give her some fun things that she can still enjoy and play with, but also give her some more mature gifts, such as hair accessories or jewelry. I have found that bath bubbles and great smelling lotions are great presents for girls this age. (Side note : I got my 11 year old daughter a very cheap tablet. In my opinion, it’s a “cool” gift. Something that caters to the kid in her, but also to the little woman that she is turning into.)
  • Ask her what she wants to do – and then do it. Let her plan her day (with boundaries of course!) Ask her to pick a few things she would like to do, and then make a day of it.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your double digit princess, just remember this one important fact – she will love being the center of your attention.  Showing her just how important and special she is will have a life long effect on her. She will forever remember how she felt the day she began the second half of her childhood.

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Happy Birthday Party planning!


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