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OMG – I Have to Throw a Kids Birthday Party!

Kids Birthday PartiesWelcome to the ultimate “Kids Birthday Party” website! The chances are extremely high you’ve landed on this page because you have the fun (or maybe not so fun) task of planning a kids birthday party. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), I don’t envy you.

Depending on how you look at it (and a lot of other factors), you’re most likely in either one of two places right now :

  1. “Yee-haw, I can’t wait to start planning the perfect party for my child!”    or….
  2. “Ohhhhh myyyyy goodnesssssss, how am I going to pull this off??”

We’ve all been there. It’s one of those “have-to-do’s” in life. I have 4 children, and let me tell you, birthday time tends to sneak up on me before I have a chance to blink.

No matter which category you fall into – the excited category or the stressed category – don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. This website was created to give you great ideas on kids birthday parties. From tips for planning it to pulling it off, from decoration ideas to gifts, and invitations and games, we have it all. Browse the site, come back often (don’t forget to share the pages you like!) and get ready to throw your child a great birthday party!

Rest assured, you’re going to survive it. 😉

Here’s 4 easy and fun kids birthday party ideas to get you started.




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Kids Birthday Party Ideas